Daily Cruises in DC

Cruises through the district on the Potomac River are a staple for Washingtonians.  They frequently hold various events and celebrations for New Years and offer wonderful views on July 4th to get an up-close-and-personal sight of D.C.’s famous fireworks on the National Mall.  The cruises also offer daily lunch and dinner specials which is always perfect for a date.  They usually run about 2-3 hours long so it doesn’t take up much of your day.  Fellas, this is a great surprise idea for that special someone anytime of the year.  You will definitely win a lady over!  I recommend:

Odyssey Cruises


Spirit of Washington Cruises


Contact Info:

Odyssey Cruises (866-306-2469) –  www.odysseycruises.com

Spirit of Washington Cruises (866- 302-2469) –  www.spiritcruises.com

DC Chick Tip #1

DC Chick Tip #1

It’s getting hot and humid here now that summer is approaching in the district, and I’ve found a few annoying issues that do occur frequently to most of us…. unfortunately.  😦 I will be posting my DC Chick Tips weekly … Continue reading

DC Drink of the Day

Since Summertime is here in the city….you know you will be constantly craving a refreshing and cool beverage!  What better way to spend happy hour than at my favorite beach-themed restaurant, Coastal Flats, in Tysons Corner featuring one of their most sought after libations……the Key Lime Martini!


Key Lime Martini

Key Lime Martini

I recently visited for dinner to meet with a co-worker, and was not disappointed!  This martini will make you feel like you are on the beach, maxin’ and relaxin’  in Key West with it’s citrusy-lime taste and smooth-frothy whipped topping.  Coastal Flats has a wonderful bright and charming island feel to it’s interior.  It’s conveniently located on the first floor of Tysons Corner Mall.